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Mission and vision

Zoo's mission

The Zoo must

  • Through modern display and characteristic animal species fit for the local conditions function as a cultural institution within the areas of

                    - Culture
                    - Information/education
                    - Science

  • Increase the interest in and the understanding of nature and its multitude through experiences based on relevant, activating and entertaining education and display.
  • Be actively involved in the international efforts to preserve animal species and habitats and thereby contribute to the conservation of the biodiversity.

All of these activities must be based on science.


Zoo's vision

Over the next five years the Zoo is:

  • Denmark’s leading cultural institution regarding innovative communication, education and display, including the aspects of environment and sustainability.
  • Known and respected for its high standards and quality regarding the keeping of animals and the standard of animal enclosures and as an attraction within which good    architecture and design add to the value and quality of the experience.
  • Known and respected as Denmark’s leading information centre regarding exotic animals and the conservation of their natural habitats.
  • Known and respected as an active nature conservation organisation with a global perspective and network.
  • A company with high ethical standards.
  • A company focusing on the visitors.
  • Among the companies with the most motivated, highly qualified and highly educated employees within the world of European zoos and aquaria
  • A company with an economic basis, that secures the fulfilling of the Zoos mission.